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How To Find Your Workout Motivation And Get In Shape

Do you want to find the workout motivation so that you can hit the gym and get the body of your dreams? This post will give you tips on how you can get such motivation.

Workout motivation is a common challenge faced by many people. Maybe you are one of them.

You may want to build muscle and lose fat to reach your fitness goals but just don’t seem to get the drive to start on the journey.

Don’t worry. This post will give you a lot of tips that you can use to get started with exercise.

The main factor to consider is to use a simple, effective workout that you enjoy. That is the only way you will be able to get the motivation to continue exercising consistently for the long-term.

Keep it simple

As a beginner it is very important to keep your workout as simple as possible.

If you choose a workout that is complicated, or very hard, or one that requires a lot of equipment and expensive fees then it’s likely that you won’t be motivated to continue for too long.

To get a good workout motivation, start out with simple and basic exercises.

You could start with simple cardio exercises like walking, jogging, etc.

Or you could even try body weight exercises such as planks, pushups, pullups, squats, etc. that can easily be performed from the comfort of your home.

Yoga is also an option that you can perform and you can find many YouTube channels that will help you with such workouts.

Use performance goals for workout motivation

Most people have outcome goals such as losing weight or gaining muscle.

While these are good goals to have they are long-term goals and it will take time to achieve those.

During this long-term journey you will face ups and downs such as hitting plateaus, falling off, gaining weight, etc.

So in addition to long-term goals, you should have short-term goals that will help you stay motivated as you reach those.

One way you can set short-term goals is by using performance goals.

Performance goals will take your focus away from outcome goals and put them on immediately visible goals.

This could be something like trying to consistently train 3 times per week, or trying to squat more weight, or trying to run further or faster.

Such goals can help you gain small wins that will help you with your workout motivation.

Find an activity you are passionate about

If you enjoy a particular exercise or workout then you are passionate about that activity.

Such activities that you have passion about can really help you achieve a long-term workout motivation.

You will enjoy doing such activities as part of your schedule and it will become a part of your lifestyle.

This will help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

For example, if you enjoy strength training and improving the amount of weight you lift then you will focus on training hard in the gym and eating well so that you can keep achieving your goals.

You can have more than one activity that you are passionate about. Activities could include running, weight lifting, rock climbing, martial arts, surfing, etc.

Make friends who have the same motivation

If you are socially motivated then you might find it useful to workout with people who share the same passions and goals.

If you have any friends or family that are already active then you could ask to tag along with them as they workout.

If not then you can also ask friends and family whether they would like to workout with you towards achieving common goals.

You can then hold each other accountable, motivate each other while working out together.

Join a fitness class for workout motivation

If you don’t have family or friends who you can tag along during your workouts then you can also consider fitness classes.

There will surely be some in your city and you will be able to meet people who share a similar fitness goal like yourself.

You will have to pay a fee for such a class where you will be taught by a certified fitness professional along with other people.

You do not have to worry about the workouts as the fitness trainer will plan everything for you.

Also, once you have some friends there you can hold each other accountable.

Work with a certified fitness trainer

If you are looking for some more professional coaching then you can work with a certified fitness trainer.

The trainer will set the schedule for you along with the workouts and hold you accountable so that you reach your goals.

This can be expensive for some but at the price you get a personalized fitness regime and accountability.

The certified trainer will create a personalized workout program based on your goals and also provide you with a nutrition plan.

If you do want someone constantly pushing you towards your goals then this is something you may consider for your workout motivation.

Make use of a good workout program

Based on your goal of losing weight or building muscle or doing both, you need to have a good workout program that you can follow on a consistent basis to see results.

You could make use of some freely available programs for beginners such as the 5×5 beginner’s workout program, the PPL beginner’s workout program, or some body weight workout program.

Before beginning with a workout program on your own, you should be sure that you have the discipline that you need to follow the program consistently for at least 3 months.

This will give the program sufficient time so that you can then decide whether it is beneficial towards your goals or not.

You should choose a workout program that you are comfortable in, that you find yourself motivated to carry out, and that you believe will give you the desired results after you have researched about it.


I hope this post helps you find the motivation that you need so that you can start working out and reach your goal whether it is weight loss or gaining muscle.

Do let me know when you start out on your fitness journey and what all motivation tips worked out for you.

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