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What Are The Workout Clothes You Should Wear?

Are you are beginner looking to find out what workout clothes you should wear? Are you afraid to be embarrassed wearing the wrong kind of clothes at the gym?

Do not worry as this post will help you understand completely what kind of workout clothes you can wear at the gym.

Wearing such clothes will make you feel confident, comfortable, and help you perform your best at the gym.

The most important factor when it comes to clothes is that you should feel comfortable in them while performing exercises.

Also, you will tend to sweat a lot during your workout. So, it is advisable to use clothes made from mesh material so that it does not absorb the sweat and will allow your body to breathe better while performing the exercises.

While you need to use workout clothes that are comfortable, you should also consider proper gym etiquette as well so that there is no chance of embarrassing yourself or others.

Workout clothes for the upper body


The safest bet for men is to wear a T-shirt that is not too tight to restrict movement and not too loose that you cannot see your form.

Make sure the T-shirt is made from dry-fit or moisture-wicking material so that there is no collection of sweat on your body as you workout.

What you should not do is to use a 100% cotton T-shirt. While the cotton will make you feel light and comfortable in the beginning, as you workout, your sweat is going to be absorbed by the cotton.

This will make the T-shirt heavy as you workout and the sweat can also cause chills and skin irritation.


For women, it is important to choose a good sports bra that is well-fitting so that it stays in place during the workout movements.

You could wear a T-shirt made with mesh material similar to the men. Make sure it has a dry-fit or moisture-wicking ability so that your sweat gets pushed away for evaporation as you workout.

You can also wear gym tank tops or other slim-fitting clothes tailored for the gym that will make you move better as well as keep you dry and cool.

Stay away from 100% cotton clothing because as you workout, your clothes will get soaked with sweat.

This will make you feel heavier as you workout. It will also make you feel cold and give you chills. And it increases your chances of skin irritation and chaffing.

Workout clothes for the lower body


Whether you want to wear pants or shorts is your personal choice. But again, make sure they are not too tight that they restrict your movements during the exercise and neither are they too loose that you will not be able to see your form.

Like the T-shirt, it is advisable to choose a pant or short made from mesh material so that it does not get soaked in sweat and allows your legs to breathe easy.

Do not wear jeans for your workouts. They will severely restrict you when you want to perform exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Also, do not wear shorts that are too short. They will make you and everyone else uncomfortable. If you wish to still wear them, make sure to wear some bicycle shorts underneath to avoid exposure.


Women have a lot of variety when it comes to pants. However, for general exercise and workouts, stretch pants work very well. But it is also your personal choice.

Try a few types of gym pants available and see which one you feel most comfortable in.

Do not wear pants that are too short. They will attract unwanted attention from both men and women and make a lot of people including you uncomfortable.

Workout shoes that you can wear

The right shoes can help you improve your performance in the gym while keeping you comfortable as you perform the exercises.

Since you will be performing heavy, compound movements like squats and deadlifts, and also some cardio from time to time, the best shoes that you can get are cross-training shoes.

These shoes provide comfort, stability, and durability when it comes to any type of activity or workout.

So whether you are performing heavy compound exercises or running on the treadmill, these shoes can work for any such activity.

You should not wear sandals or flip-flops to the gym. There is a lot of heavy weight being moved around in the gym and you need to protect your feet by wearing some shoes.

Also, do not wear running shoes for performing heavy weight workouts that use squats, deadlifts, etc. This is because they do not provide any lateral support.

Workout accessories that can help


Men don’t need to wear any headgear such as caps, bandanas, etc. because you will be sweating a lot and you don’t want your head to soak up all the sweat and start smelling.

Women can wear a headband if they have long hair and want to prevent their hair from getting in the way.


Take a towel with you to the gym because you will be sweating a lot during your workouts and you will need to clean the sweat not just from your body but from the equipment that you use.


If you are worried that your hands will start developing calluses, you can try wearing some weight-lifting gloves for protection. Though I am not sure how much they really work as I have never used them.


Use a good pair of socks that are not too tight to restrict your blood flow but not too lose so that you rub your feet and develop blisters.


If you are one of those who sweats a lot during your workouts, you can consider using a mild deodorant before your workouts.

Make sure you don’t use strong perfumes or scents because they intensify with the heat when you workout and can cause a headache to you or someone working out near you.


I hope this post helped you as a beginner to find the clothes and accessories that you can wear to the gym when starting out.

With this information, you should have the sufficient knowledge and confidence to hit the gym and perform your best with clothes you are comfortable in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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