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weight watchers weight loss diet

Weight Watchers Weight Loss Diet: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a weight loss diet that will hold your hand and help you lose weight with the tools, diet, and support? If so, then the Weight Watchers weight loss diet, or rather, system can be beneficial for you.

The Weight Watchers contains a collection of weight loss programs that you can choose from that helps you get healthier and more active. It also contains personalized and real-time support.

The good thing I find about this approach to weight loss is that it will help you lose weight with a long-term, sustainable approach. Not just because of the diet and exercise but also because of the support, motivation and encouragement that the program provides.

Here is the knowledge that I could gather about the Weight Watchers Weight Loss Diet/Approach and how it can help you achieve your own weight loss goals.

The Weight Watchers weight loss diet has been rated as the #1 weight loss diet 0f 2016 by the U.S News & World Report.

What is the Weight Watchers weight loss diet?

The Weight Watchers diet consists of a number of subscriptions that you can choose from. This includes One Plus, Meetings and Coaching.

These are part of their Beyond The Scale program that focusses on how you will become healthier, more active, and develop the skills to unlock your inner strength.


Once you join the program, SmartPoints is a number alloted to you based on your gender, age, weight, and height.

The plan focusses primarily on low calorie foods that avoid saturated fats, and sugars while increasing the protein. However, you are free to eat whatever you choose to as long as you can fit them in your alloted SmartPoints.

Weight Watchers has created an extensive database of around 287,000 foods and allocated SmartPoints to each of them. So you can get access to this database either via their mobile app or by using your computer.

The way the SmartPoints are alloted are that processed and high calorie foods such as pizza has higher SmartPoints than most fruits and vegetables that have low or zero SmartPoints. So when you stick to the program and the SmartPoints you are alloted, you will consume less of the processed foods and more of the nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables.

The idea behind this is that since you will consume more of nutritious and fiber filled foods like fruits and vegetables, you will be full and satisfied for a longer period of time than when you would consume processed foods. This will play a major part in lowering your body weight.

Another benefit of the SmartPoints is that Weight Watchers provides a comparative list for you of foods that are similar but can contain different amounts of nutrients as well as salt, sugar, and preservatives. So if you are looking to eat a can of soup, the system will help you choose the one with the most nutrients and the least processed content.

The SmartPoints system also has lots of recipes that you can use as part of your weight loss diet. You can find these on the Weight Watchers mobile app or on the online website.

There are all kinds of recipes such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other types based on your dietary needs.

If you make your own food that is not listed as part of the SmartPoints system then you can find the SmartPoints for each of the ingredients and add them together to get the total SmartPoints for that recipe.


FitPoints is a metric that will help you track your activity levels whether it’s cleaning your house or going for a walk or swimming. Whatever activity that you perform can earn you FitPoints.

You get a FitPoints goal that you need to achieve. This is based on an initial assessment that will be done for you.

Whatever is your level, whether you are a beginner starting out on your fitness journey or you are an advanced who is looking to run a marathon, FitPoints can help at every level.

You can also sync FitPoints and use them along with the popular activity monitors such as Fitbit, Apple Health, Jawbone, Withings, and Misfit.

Support System

In addition, Weight Watchers also provides a support system that includes weekly meetings of 30 minutes. Weight Watchers claims that those who attend the meetings lose upto 3 times more weight than those who don’t and also tend to keep it off over the long-term.

At these meetings, people share their weight loss stories, tips, recipes, etc. that help to motivate and keep working with the plan. And maybe you might even get to meet Oprah Winfrey at a Weight Watchers meeting.

For those who are not comfortable with a meeting, Weight Watchers also provide personalized coaching and an online 24/7 chat service.

What can you eat under the Weight Watchers weight loss diet?

Like I already mentioned before, the goal of using the SmartPoints is so that you can lower the amount of processed, high-calorie foods that you eat and consume more of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and nutrients. This will help you in reducing your food cravings and assist in weight loss.

But at the same time, there is no restriction on what you can and cannot eat. Any type of food and recipe can be eaten as long as you can fit it in the SmartPoints allotted to you.

Weight watchers has an extensive database of around 40,000 delicious recipes. So you will find a lot you can eat even if you are looking out for some special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or no-cook.

Their system also helps you on how to find the best foods for you in the menu of a restaurant so that you know what you are eating based on the SmartPoints.

You can also get a Weight Watchers packaged meal at select stores that includes everything from breakfast sandwiches to ice cream.

Can the Weight Watchers weight loss diet benefit you in losing weight?

Studies have shown that the Weight Watchers diet is effective to lose weight and keep it off for the long-term as well.

Mainly because it emphasizes on lowering the amount of high-calorie processed foods that you consume and increasing the intake of the high fiber and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

The plan also emphasizes on keeping yourself fit and active which is another part of the equation when it comes to a sustainable long-term weight loss plan.

And one of the most important aspects of Weight Watchers is the support system that will motivate you and help you continue with the plan for the long-term as you attend the meetings, have a personalized coach or use the online chat system.

What are the benefits of the Weight Watchers weight loss diet when compared to others?

Easy to track

With the Weight Watchers mobile app and website, it is easy to track the foods that you eat at home as well as at restaurants.

Access to lots of recipes

Weight Watchers have thousands of free recipes online so that you never run out of recipes and can prepare meals as per your liking. They even have recipes based on your dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Chance to eat your favorite foods

Weight Watchers does not restrict you from eating your favorite foods. As long as you can adjust them in the SmartPoints alloted for the day or the week. They also provide some additional points so that you can make use of them if you are craving some of your treats.

It does not restrict you from consuming alcohol in moderation and also provides cheat sheets so that you can decide on what type of wine, beer, or spirit you can consume at the bar.

Pre-packaged Weight Watchers meals

If you are feeling lazy then you head over to a grocery store and pick a pre-packaged Weight Watchers meal for anything ranging from sandwiches to ice cream.

Motivation and support

This is one thing that really differentiates Weight Watchers. You will always have a support system for motivating you. Whether it’s the mobile app where you can share your status or pictures, or the weekly meetings, or a personalized coach.

What are the disadvantages of the Weight Watchers weight loss diet?

It can be costly for some

Since the Weight Watchers is a program, there is a cost involved for the subscription. And the price depends on the level of the subscription that you choose: whether you just want the online access, or need to attend meetings, and want a personalized coach.

It can also cost you if you buy a lot of the pre-packaged Weight Watchers meals.

It can be tedious to count SmartPoints

The basis of the Weight Watchers diet is that you track the SmartPoints based on the foods that you consume. This can get a little tedious for some people as you need to track everything that you eat everyday.


I hope you have all the information that you need regarding the Weight Watchers weight loss diet. Do consider this diet along with the others before making a decision of choosing a diet.

If you have any questions or feedback about the above information or anything related to weight loss, do let me know so I can try and help you in any way that is possible. You can reach out to me on any social media platform or just comment on this post and I will reply to you.

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