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Top 5 Weight Loss Diets That Will Get You Quick Results

Are you looking to lose weight fast? Are you looking to choose from some of the best weight loss diets that will give you quick results? Then you need to consider these 5 weight loss diets.

I always found it a daunting task to choose from the thousands of weight loss diets that are available especially on the Internet.

Should I choose the Paleo diet? What about the Atkins diet? Will the Mediterranean diet be suitable for my body?

These were some of the questions that I would struggle with when it came to picking a diet suitable for me.

Then I found that what works best for me is a diet that I am comfortable with in my daily life. A diet that will not make me spend much time searching for the foods or preparing them.

What works for me is a diet that I don’t have to force myself to follow and that can still contain delicious meals that are healthy at the same time.

I believe such a diet that is easy to prepare and that is both healthy and delicious is the key to losing weight for many people.

I have tried to collect the top 5 weight loss diets that I believe meet these criteria.

Please have a look at these diets and do consider them when you are trying to lose weight. I am sure they will give you the results that you desire in a very short period of time.

The top 5 diets that you will learn about are:

Now, before we can check out these fast weight loss diets, I would like to remind you about something known as a calorie deficit.

A calorie deficit basically means that you need to be consuming lower calories than what your body requires to maintain it’s current weight.

This is the key to losing weight and a part of all of the diets that I have mentioned above.

If you want to know more about what it means to be in a calorie deficit, please check out The Ultimate Guide To Calorie Deficit For Weight Loss.

Let’s check out the top 5 weight loss diets that will give you some quick results.

DASH Weight Loss Diet

The DASH diet is rated as the best overall weight loss diet of 2016 by the U.S News & World Report.

DASH diet stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”.

As the name implies, this diet was originally intended to lower blood pressure. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that is the only benefit of this diet.

This diet can help you lose weight fast because it emphasizes on eating healthy and nutritious foods while reducing or completely avoiding processed, fatty, starchy, and high-calorie foods.

The healthy foods that are a part of this diet include vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, fish, poultry, whole grains, and nuts. There is also allowance to occasionally eat meat, fats, and some sweets so you can avoid getting cravings.

Another benefit of the DASH weight loss diet is that you can follow it on your own. So there is a minimal cost involved.

You can purchase some of the books available on the DASH diet and the cookbooks that contain recipes specific to this diet.

And of course, you will have to spend some money on buying the fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and nuts that are a part of this diet.

To learn about the DASH weight loss diet in more detail, check out DASH Weight Loss Diet: The Ultimate Guide.

Weight Watchers Weight Loss Diet

The Weight Watchers weight loss diet has been rated as the #1 weight loss diet 0f 2016 by the U.S News & World Report.

The Weight Watchers consists of a variety of weight loss programs that you can choose on their website.

This not just includes the diet and nutrition but also includes personalized and real-time support if you choose.

The advantage of the Weight Watchers program is that since it combines the diet along with a healthy support system, there are significantly higher chances of you losing weight.

This is because of the readily available foods as well as the support, motivation, and encouragement that you will get from the program.

The unique aspect of this diet is that it focusses on metrics such as SmartPoints and FitPoints.

These are allocated to you based on your age, height, weight, and gender. The diet is flexible enough so you can consume a variety of foods as per your liking. Each food that is part of the program is assigned SmartPoints.

The only consideration is that you need to limit your food intake to the SmartPoints allotted to you.

The idea is that you will consume more of low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables that will keep you full while helping you lose weight at the same time.

FitPoints is a metric that will help you track your activity levels whether it’s cleaning your house or going for a walk or swimming. Whatever activity that you perform can earn you FitPoints.

Another benefit of this program is that there are weekly meetings where members can share their experiences with one another. This helps motivate people and has shown to help more people lose weight.

Some of the drawbacks of this diet are that you need to buy the subscription to the program. This can be a bit costly for some.

Some people may also find the SmartPoints system a bit tedious to follow.

To get a lot of details about the Weight Watchers weight loss diet, check out Weight Watchers Weight Loss Diet: The Ultimate Guide.

HMR Program Weight Loss Diet

The HMR Program weight loss diet is ranked #2 by the U.S News & World Report.

What I like about this diet is that it will help you lose significant weight at the start and then teach you to lead a healthy lifestyle so that you can maintain the weight loss in the future.

HMR is a Health Management Resources program that focuses on making use of meal replacement shakes along with a combination of fruits and vegetables to help you lose significant weight.

Based on experts, you will lose three times more weight if you replace food with meal replacements such as shakes, nutrition bars, multigrain hot cereal, etc. And add fruits and vegetables to your diet.

This diet program also adds exercise as part of the weight loss journey that helps in additional weight loss.

This diet is divided into two phases. In the first phase, you will get the HMR meal replacements delivered to you so that you don’t need to worry about preparing meals.

Since these meals will be tailored to your specific goals by an expert, you are guaranteed to lose weight.

In the second phase, you will continue to get the HMR meal replacements and will be taught to learn about other healthy food options that can make you live a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, you will get weekly calls from dieticians and physiologists who will motivate, support, and make you accountable to your weight loss goals.

The benefits of the HMR program weight loss diet are the convenience of the meal replacements that they provide. It is also beneficial to get a support system that will motivate and support you.

The drawback of the HMR program is that it can be a bit costly as you need to buy their meal replacements for a significant part of the program till you learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle on your own.

To learn a lot more about the HMR program and how to follow this diet, please check HMR Program Weight Loss Diet For Fast Weight Loss.

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Diet

This diet is based on the popular TV show of the same name.

The main aspect of the Biggest Loser weight loss diet is a focus on diet and exercise.

The diet involves consuming nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. There is also a lot of focus on portion control and maintaining a log of what you eat.

In addition, you will be adding a lot of physical activity to your daily life.

To get started with this diet, you will need to refer any of the books that are published under The Biggest Loser banner.

Most of these provide information on how to lose weight using a combination of diet and exercise.

All of these books teach you how to make use of the Biggest Loser diet pyramid and to add exercise into your routine to burn calories.

The Biggest Loser Bootcamp is an online 8-week weight loss coaching program that includes the below content:

  • Daily workout videos with home workouts
  • Healthy meals and recipes
  • Motivation from the Biggest Loser fitness trainers
  • Companion App for members

The advantage of the biggest loser program is in the simplicity of the program when it comes to diet and exercise.

You can also buy the prepackaged meals so that can add a bit of convenience.

The disadvantage is that you may need to spend some money for the foods or the online coaching program.

Check out a lot more about how you can use the Biggest Loser diet at Biggest Loser Weight Loss Diet: The Ultimate Guide.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Diet

The Jenny Craig weight loss diet is rated as #3 in the best weight loss diet 0f 2016 by the U.S News & World Report.

This diet focusses on provided prepackaged meals and recipes that will help you lose weight by removing the stress of preparing your own meals.

The diet also adds enjoyable exercises to your daily routine so that you can lead an active lifestyle.

The Jenny Craig diet also provides you with a personal consultant that will help you lose weight and keep it off in the future

The program consists of two types: Jenny Craig In-Center or Jenny Craig Anywhere.

Jenny Craig In-Center means you will meet your consultant in person and plan out the meals and activities.

The Jenny Craig Anywhere plans means you will get support from the consultant via phone or video chat as you prefer.

The advantage of this diet like some of the others is the prepackaged meals that you get. This will help remove the stress of preparing your own meals.

However, this can get a bit expensive for some people. This diet also places restrictions on what you can eat at a restaurant and also the amount of alcohol you can consume.

To get more details on how you can join the Jenny Craig diet, check out the post, Jenny Craig Weight Loss Diet: Lose Weight Easily With Support.


I hope this post will help you get a better understanding of the top 5 weight loss diets you can consider.

These diets have been proven to have helped a lot of people lose weight and they can help you too.

Do check out the links below to know more about them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or reach out to me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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