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How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight Easily

Are you tired of doing cardio workouts that place a lot of stress on your body? Then walking is a cardio workout that can help you lose weight easily without taxing your body too much.

Everyone healthy knows to walk. It is a simple activity that children, young people, and old can easily perform.

Walking does not require any special equipment, skills, or gadgets. You don’t even need any heart rate monitors, or logging your miles.

And while it might not give you the rapid weight loss that can be obtained from high-intensity interval training, it can definitely help you lose weight easily without putting too much stress on your body.

How walking can help you lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, most people think that they need to do lots of strenuous activity.

After all, walking is very easy and if it is so easy then it must not be quite effective is what we think.

And to a certain level, it is correct that doing intense workouts with a good strength training program and using high-intensity interval training will burn more calories.

However, walking also does burn some decent number of calories that can add up over the long run.

Do note that since it is a steady-state cardio, you may have to do it for several days or for longer periods of time to get the most benefit out of it.

The benefits that walking provides

Walking is easy on the body

As you know walking does not cause too much stress on the body.

This can be quite useful in a situation such as a calorie deficit where you need to restrict your calories.

Once you are restricting your calories, you may start getting cravings, feel tired, stressed, and even start losing muscle due to stress.

This can get aggravated if you start doing intense forms of exercise such as high-intensity interval training for extended periods of time.

This is where walking can help you get a decent amount of cardio exercise without stressing out your body and getting any of the problems mentioned above.

You could add walking even for all the days of the week without any issues.

Walking will not cause you to lose muscle

Studies have shown that if you perform intense cardio using exercises like running, jogging, etc. it can have an impact on the capacity of the body to perform intense workouts at the gym.

One of the reasons is that exercises such as running put a lot of fatigue on your body. This impacts your performance in the gym and also too much of it can cause you to lose muscle if you are not feeding your body sufficient calories.

Walking does not have this problem because it is a low-intensity exercise that will not fatigue your muscles and your performance in the gym.

Walking also burns moderate levels of calories and there is not much risk of losing muscle as a result.

Walking will help you burn fat

Walking is a form of steady-state cardio where you elevate your heart rate at moderate levels for a steady duration of time.

This is known to use energy by burning fat stores in the body compares to high-intensity cardio that uses up glycogen stores in the muscles.

Of course, over a longer period, high-intensity cardio like high-intensity interval training will give you the most optimal results when it comes to burning fat in a relatively short period of time.

But, walking also is a good exercise that will help you burn calories and fat without much stress on your body.

How much do you have to walk?

Walking by itself burns a relatively small number of calories. For example, an average person may burn about 300 calories walking for an hour.

So, as you can see it is not the best way to burn some calories.

However, when you are in a calorie deficit with a goal of losing fat then every activity counts. And adding some walking in addition to other exercises will definitely help you lose fat much quicker.

So, for most people, the best way would be to use a combination of a good strength training workout 3 to 5 times per week for about an hours, high-intensity interval training 2 to 3 times per week for about 20 minutes, and 2 to 3 times walking for 30 minutes.

This will make you burn a good amount of calories without losing any muscle when you are on a calorie deficit and looking to maximize fat loss.


I hope this post has helped you learn how walking can help you lose fat easily without putting too much stress on your body.

To summarize, walking by itself may not burn too many calories but when you are trying to lose fat, every drop counts.

Also, when walking is used in combination with other workouts like strength training and high-intensity interval training added during the week, it is shown to be extremely effective in losing weight fast without impacting muscle gain.

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