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muscle confusion

Do You Need Muscle Confusion To Grow Muscle Faster?

Do you think you need to use muscle confusion to grow bigger muscles? How often have you heard this from fitness experts?

You might have even heard people talking about muscle confusion in your gym.

You know, stuff like, how you can confuse your muscles and make them grow bigger by always changing your workout routines and exercises.

The idea being that you need to keep your muscles guessing all the time if you want them to grow otherwise they will not.

The thought behind muscle confusion is that your muscles adapt to the exercises that you perform and so you constantly need to switch up your workout routines and exercises.

Well, let me make it clear that there is no way to “confuse” your muscles and make them grow. If you want your biceps to grow, you simply cannot just keep switching exercises and they will magically grow bigger.

Scientifically, there is no evidence that muscle confusion actually happens.

How you can make your muscles grow bigger

The only way your muscles can become bigger is if you provide enough stimulus to them. You need to provide them with a reason so that they can get bigger and stronger.

The way to do this is with a good workout program that makes use of progressive overload.

This means that each week as you workout you need to keep increasing the load on your muscles either by increasing the weight by a small amount or increasing the number of reps or sets.

When you workout with heavy weight, it causes small tears in your muscle fiber that are known as micro-tears.

When you provide your body with sufficient rest and the proper nutrition that it needs, the muscles grow stronger so that they can handle the load the next time.

So, the way to grow more muscle is to keep training with progressive overload and providing the body with good nutrition, rest, and recovery.

Muscle confusion is just a myth that will do you more harm as you are trying to build muscle.

How muscle confusion can make you not grow muscle

As you have seen, the idea behind muscle confusion is that you need to keep changing your workout routines and exercises if you want to build muscle.

The problem with constantly changing the exercises you perform is that you don’t have a good way of tracking the improvements that you are making with your workouts.

Progressive overload is the only way you can build muscle where you are improving with each workout as you either lift heavier weights or increase the sets and reps that you perform.

But if you are always changing your workouts and exercises, you need to keep guessing the weights that you can lift with each workout and cannot actually measure your progress.

You will end up guessing whether you are actually lifting to your potential and making any progress.

The best way to try to build muscle is to be consistent with your workouts. Then make use of a workout log where you track your progress and try to beat your previous workout numbers.

If you keep doing this week after week, you will make really good progress and build lots of muscle.

Is muscle confusion good for anything?

The only good thing about muscle confusion is that you can make a lot of money from it.

If you are constantly changing your workout routines and exercises then you will need to search for them.

And a lot of fitness magazines, fitness professionals, trainers, etc. would be more than happy to keep selling you new workout routines that make them money.

And their clients feel that they are doing a good job because they are trained professionals and if they are changing workout routines then it means something good and will work for them.

Does switching workouts and exercises help?

While muscle confusion does not work, you can definitely change your workouts and exercises but only after you have used a workout routine or exercise for a good period of time like 3 months or so.

We are humans and some of us would get bored doing the same workout routines and exercises for a long period of time.

So, of course, we can switch up our workout routines to keep ourselves fresh and motivated to workout.

Also, you need to try out different exercises and see what works for you.

For example, the flat bench press might work good for me and hit my chest better. But it might not work for you and you might find that the decline or incline bench press is better for you.

Once you have tried an exercise for some time and find that it might not be working out for you, you can switch to some other exercises and try them instead.

This way of changing your workout routines and exercises is completely fine because you are giving them and yourself sufficient time to measure what works for you and the progress you are making in the gym.


So to conclude, muscle confusion is where you try to constantly change your workout routines and exercises so you can shock your muscles.

The truth is that muscle confusion does not work and is just a myth.

The only way you can build muscle is to use progressive overload where you are challenging your body each week by increasing either the weights or the reps and sets. And then allowing sufficient rest and recovery to your body with proper sleep and nutrition.

Of course, you can switch your workouts and exercises periodically so that you don’t get bored and keep it fresh. But you should give your workout routine at least a few months before you think about it.

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