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Top 12 Reasons Why Every Man Should Be Lifting Weights

Are you looking for motivation on why you should be lifting weights? This post will give you the top 12 reasons why every man should be strength training.

The average male loses around 5 pounds of muscle from the age of 24 to 50. And from the age of 50, men lose around 1% muscle every year.

This decrease in muscle mass is the reason for several issues such as weakened bones, stiff joints, and a slumped posture. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and several other diseases.

You can avoid all of this if you just start strength training and continue with it as long as possible.

Strength training will signal your body that you need to maintain your muscles. And this will help avoid a significant decrease in your muscle mass.

And this will help you live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Here are some of the top reasons why every man should be lifting weights.

1. Lifting weights is good for the brain

Studies show that strength training improves the brain and memory function.

In addition, it also reduces the risk of stroke, hemorrhage, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Working out with weights releases endorphins that help to give you the feel good factor. This will help you fight with depression, stress, and anxiety.

Strength training also increases the serotonin output in the brain. This will help you have a better mood, appetite, and get better sleep.

2. Lifting weights helps to strengthen the bones

As you age, you tend to lose bone density that increases the chances of getting a fracture in the hips or the vertebrae.

Strength training will help to increase your bone density and lower such a risk. In addition, it will improve your muscle mass, balance, and strength so that the chances of you falling and breaking your bones is reduced.

An increase in bone density will also help to lower your risk of osteoporosis that is a major concern for the elderly.

3. Lifting weights will help you lose weight

When you workout with heavy compound movements you will burn some calories. In addition, you get the benefit of the after-burner effect where you continue burning calories for 24-48 hours after your workout.

By progressively lifting weights, you will build muscle. More muscle requires more energy to maintain. This means your body will burn more calories even at rest and boost your metabolism.

Combined with high-intensity interval training and a calorie deficit, lifting weights will help you lose fat fast without losing a significant amount of muscle.

4. Lifting weights will improve your mood

Studies show that strength training can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and can even help with clinical depression.

Working out improves self-esteem that can make you feel good about yourself and improve your mood for the day.

Strength training helps with depression as exercise is shown to benefit those suffering from depression. In addition, working out sets up a schedule where people can get busy and forget about their worries. They may also get the opportunity to socialize with others.

These are important therapeutic approaches that can help fight depression.

5. Lifting weights will help you sleep better

Strength training can help improve the quality of sleep that you get.

Research shows that lifting weights reduces the number of times that one wakes up during the night as compared to those who do not exercise.

Strength training will also help chronic insomniacs as they will be able to fall asleep more quickly, have a longer sleep duration, and have better quality sleep.

6. Lifting weights will give you better testosterone levels

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease and this can cause heart disease and diabetes.

Lifting weights with heavy compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc. is shown to increase the level of testosterone in men.

Testosterone helps in the fat burning process as well as the building of lean muscle mass.

7. Lifting weights will help improve your confidence

When strength training, you will be setting goals for yourself such as lifting more weight, increasing the number of repetitions, etc.

When you set such goals and achieve those, the confidence that you get will carry over into other areas of your life as well.

Lifting weights will also make you look and feel good and also make you the strongest version of yourself.

This will also help to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

8. Lifting weights will improve your sex life

As we have already seen, strength training increases the testosterone levels in men. This translates to improved performance in the bed.

After exercise, the brain releases endorphins that help release sex hormones that lower your blood pressure, your heart rate, and relax your body. This will make you feel in the mood for good and energetic sex.

9. Lifting weights will help you live longer

Studies show that strength training helps to keep people fit and healthy so that they live a longer life.

It helps increase bone density, reduces muscle loss, and gives you better stamina.

It also improves your balance and reduces the risk of you falling and breaking bones which are a major factor for old people losing their quality of life.

In addition, it will also help you keep your weight in check so that you avoid being obese and lower your risk of diabetes, blood pressure, and diseases like cancer and stroke.

10. Lifting weights will give you more energy

Strength training will help improve your metabolism and blood circulation that will carry oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs.

This will help increase your energy levels and help you cope with the stress and demand that everyday life and work may impose on you.

11. Lifting weights will teach you discipline

Strength training is a combination of setting goals, focussing on those goals, and then reaching them.

Goals could be such as gaining muscle, losing fat, improving strength, etc.

The discipline that you acquire by setting such goals and meeting them will help you in other aspects of your life.

12. Lifting weights will improve your posture

A good posture will help improve your performance, decrease back pain and shoulder pain and lower the risk of spinal injuries.

Lifting weights with correct techniques and using the correct exercises will help you strengthen your back, shoulders, neck, and chest.

This will help to improve your posture and give you all the benefits mentioned above.


I hope you now know the tremendous benefits that lifting weights will add to your life.

If you have any questions about strength training, please leave a comment below.

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