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jenny craig weight loss diet

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Diet: Lose Weight Easily With Support

Are you looking to lose weight easily with prepackaged meals and a support system that ensures weight loss? Then you should consider the Jenny Craig weight loss diet.

What is the Jenny Craig weight loss diet?

The Jenny Craig weight loss diet, like many diets, focusses on calorie reduction and exercise to help reduce weight.

Rated as #3 in the best weight loss diet 0f 2016 by the U.S News & World Report, the key factors in this diet are the prepackaged meals and recipes that are provided to you. This will help you reduce weight by removing the stress of what you should and should not eat.

In addition, the Jenny Craig diet stresses on leading an active lifestyle by incorporating enjoyable exercises in your daily routine.

It also provides behavior modification with the help of a personal consultant so that you can lose weight and continue to keep it off in the future.

This consultant will help you with your prepackaged meals, help you keep an active lifestyle, and provide you with the motivation and support that you need to lose weight.

Here is a video that provides an introduction to the Jenny Craig weight loss diet.

How to get started with the Jenny Craig weight loss diet?

You have two options when it comes to the Jenny Craig diet: Jenny Craig In-Center or Jenny Craig Anywhere.

Jenny Craig In-Center

The Jenny Craig In-Center basically means you will meet with your dedicated consultant in person. The consultant will provide you the support, motivation, and the prepackaged foods that you need for your weight loss.

This plan can be summarized into three steps as below:

Step 1: Connect with your consultant

In this step, you will meet your personal consultant in person at a neighborhood center. They will help you understand and decide on your weight loss goals.

Once that is in place, the consultants will help you with the menu that you need to follow for the week to start your weight loss program. The good thing is that you don’t need to track or weigh anything as the consultant will plan everything for you.

You can have as many meetings as you need throughout the week to track your progress, discuss your challenges and make changes to the menu if you wish to do so.

Step 2: Design your menu of Jenny Craig food

In this step, you will decide along with your consultant on the menu that you will follow for the week.

The foods are based on the Jenny Craig diet and are the key for you to lose weight.

The consultants will provide you with foods that are based on portion control so that you can lose weight.

You will be able to eat six meals a day with smaller portions so that you will feel full throughout the day.

The foods will be some of your favorites but prepared in a healthy, alternative, way.

You don’t need to prepare these foods and they will be provided to you by your consultant.

Step 3: Reach your goal and manage your new weight

You will meet with your consultant every week and discuss your progress, motivation, and food.

Once you have managed to lose weight, the consultant will educate you so that you can continue to lose weight and keep it off.

This will be done by showing you techniques and training on preparing your food, physical activity, and motivation so that you can transition off the Jenny Craig diet and onto your own.

Jenny Craig Anywhere

The Jenny Craig Anywhere plans means you will get support from the consultant via phone or video chat as you prefer. So you can choose the time when you are comfortable with the discussion from your home.

This plan can be summarized into three steps as shown below:

Step 1: Connect with your consultant

You will talk to your consultant over the phone or via video chat. Here you will discuss your current weight and your weight loss goals.

Once this is done, your consultant will discuss the weekly meal plan for you based on your goals.

You can connect with your consultant several times per week for support and motivation.

Step 2: Design your menu of Jenny Craig food

You along with your consultant will decide on the menu for the week.

The consultant will design the menu based on portion control for your weight loss goals.

You will eat six meals per day that will help you keep full while losing weight. These meals will be your favorites prepared in an alternative, healthier way.

By eating smaller, healthier meals throughout the day your metabolism will stay active to burn more fat and calories so that you lose weight without even realizing it.

Step 3: Reach your goal and maintain your new weight

Once you have reached your weight loss goal for the week, the consultant will show you how to keep losing weight.

You will get the support and motivation that you need to continue to the next goal. You can contact your consultant as many times as you wish.

Slowly, the consultant will also teach you how to transition away from the Jenny Craig weight loss diet and onto a healthier lifestyle that you yourself can create and follow.

What are the benefits of the Jenny Craig weight loss diet?


With the Jenny Craig diet, you get prepackaged meals that are already planned by your consultant for the week. This makes it relatively easy to follow the plan and reach your weight loss goals. You do not need to stress on preparing your foods or to track the calories that you are eating.


There are loads of low-calorie, fat-free recipes on the Jenny Craig website. You will be able to use these when you have achieved your weight loss goals and want to continue to maintain your weight.

You will start using these once you are halfway through the Jenny Craig diet and have to start preparing your own meals.

Eating out

The Jenny Craig diet does not restrict you from eating out provided you follow some tips and techniques.

Your consultant can provide you with suggestions on what you can eat before you visit a restaurant.

You could also compensate any “extra” meals that you eat by bumping up your exercise for that week.

Alcohol in moderation is also permitted under this diet.


Under the Jenny Craig weight loss diet, you also get an online meal planner, progress tracker, a food journal, as well as a mobile app.

What are the drawbacks of the Jenny Craig weight loss diet?


The Jenny Craig diet focusses primarily on prepackaged meals that your consultant will provide you in the first half of the program. Buying each and every meal for weeks can get expensive for some people.

Food restrictions

While the diet allows a little flexibility when it comes to food, it still places restrictions on how much food you can eat in restaurants as well as the amount of alcohol that you can consume. You also cannot prepare your own food in the beginning of this program and have to limit yourself to the prepackaged meals that are provided.

How exercise fits in with the Jenny Craig diet?

With the Jenny Craig diet, exercise is considered to be part of your daily life rather than some strenuous activity that you perform.

This means that you can incorporate activities that you find enjoyable such as dancing in your exercise routine.

The exercises will be based on your goals and your fitness levels. So if you are already at a higher level, then you might also be suggested weight training routines.

The idea is to make you perform around 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise for five days of the week.


I hope this post provides you will all the information about the Jenny Craig weight loss diet so that you can take an informed decision on whether it’s for you or not.

If you have any questions or feedback about the above information or anything related to weight loss, do let me know so I can try and help you in any way that is possible. You can reach out to me on any social media platform or just comment on this post.

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