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How To Use Intuitive Eating To Get A Lean Body

Are you looking for a way of eating that will get in decent shape with a lean body? Then you might want to consider using intuitive eating as part of your lifestyle.

When it comes to dieting for a beginner, there are two ways that you can go in.

One method is to track your calories and macronutrients precisely so that you can gradually lose fat and get in good shape.

The other method is to ignore tracking your calories and eat your food based on certain conditions. One such condition is to consume food based on how your body feels when it comes to hunger and satiety.

Now, both of these methods could be effective for a beginner who is just looking to lose some weight and get in decent shape.

There is nothing magical about intuitive eating and it follows the same science as counting your calories.

It is the negative energy balance or calorie deficit where you consume fewer calories than what your body requires that will help you gradually lose weight. This is true whether you use calorie counting or intuitive eating.

What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating means that you need to eat food based on the signals that your body provides.

Basically, you need to do the following:

  • Eat when you feel hungry.
  • Stop when you feel full.
  • Do not limit your food choices.

This does not mean that you can eat any junk foods that you like and how much of those foods you would prefer.

If you do that you will end up fat and have other health issues because even with intuitive eating you need to follow a calorie deficit to lose weight.

The above steps are a bit tricky to follow because usually, we tend to eat more food that we want to. This may be because of peer pressure, stress, procrastination, etc.

We may also tend to eat foods that we do not actually want to eat.

So, with intuitive eating, you need to become more aware of what foods you are eating and the amount of foods that your body really needs.

Research has shown that if one follows intuitive eating they can definitely lose weight, maintain a lean physique, get a better health, and are generally more happy about their body.

And it’s not just useful for people who just want to lose weight or maintain weight without counting calories.

It can also be used by people who count calories so that they can intuitively know when they are in the danger of overeating certain foods.

What are the benefits of intuitive eating?

Makes it easier to lose and maintain weight

The problem that a lot of people who go on a diet face is that once they move away from the diet, they tend to regain all the weight. Maybe even more than they actually lost.

This is usually because when on a diet we tend to crave foods that we are not supposed to eat. And once off the diet, we overeat these foods that make us gain even more weight.

With intuitive eating, you eat based on signals from your body. This means that you will not eat too little or too much but exactly how much food your body wants. And specific types of healthy foods that your body needs.

This gives a good chance that you will follow a healthy eating lifestyle that will naturally make you lose weight and maintain that weight for a long time.

Help you manage eating disorders

Intuitive eating can help people who are facing eating disorders and even help avoid getting such disorders in the first place.

When it comes to food, there are many people who face issues such as compulsive eating, restricted dieting, obsessing over health foods, etc.

This not only causes problems to the health of the person but also limits their happiness.

By making use of intuitive eating, such people can focus on following their body’s cues when it comes to feeling hungry or full.

This can help them avoid situations of stress, depression, and obesity that comes with obsessing over eating or not eating certain types of foods.

Can give you better health and happiness

You may think that intuitive eating means that you will start bingeing on all kinds of sweets and fast foods.

But it actually does not work like that. When you are in tune with what foods your body wants and how much, you will tend to actually eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, grains, etc. that will make your body feel much healthier.

Even if you do eat foods that are low in nutrients, you will restrict the amount based on how your body feels and how much it wants.

In addition to making you healthier, since you won’t be focussing on restrictive dieting, it will free up a lot of time for you.

You can then use this time for your personal pursuits and this increases your chance of achieving happiness doing the things that you enjoy.

What are the drawbacks of intuitive eating?

Limits how much weight you can lose

If you are obese or fat, then intuitive eating can work wonders for you.

As you learn more about your body and start to recognize signs of when are hungry and when you feel full, you will naturally start to eat fewer calories.

This will put you in a calorie deficit with intuitive eating and you will start to lose weight.

This will work till you actually drop off a lot of weight and come to a healthy weight range. Then it becomes more difficult to lose weight with intuitive eating because you need to be more precise in the calories that you eat to lose weight.

This is the time you might need to switch to counting calories in order to lose more weight.

Could cause you to gain some weight

As we have seen, intuitive eating is great when you are fat and want to lose weight. You will lose a lot of weight following it.

The problem occurs that as you lose a lot of weight, your body tends to get into what is called metabolic adaptation.

This means that it becomes more efficient with the calories that you consume. And burns fewer calories than what it used to when you had more weight.

This might make it easier for you to overeat because you might eat the same number of calories as earlier but because your body burns fewer calories now, you may tend to gain some weight.

Does not help if you are looking to lose fat and build muscle

If your goal is just to lean out and maintain your weight then intuitive eating will work well for you.

But if your goal is to lose fat and build muscle so that you can make some serious changes to your body than intuitive eating is not the best for you.

This is because you need to be precise with the calories that you eat when it comes to either losing fat to reach single digits or to build significant muscle.

To continue losing fat precisely, you will need to track your calories and consistently remain in a calorie deficit.

To build some serious muscle, you will need to track your calories so that you are in a calorie surplus that allows fuel to your body to build muscle.

In addition, you also need to track your macronutrients so that you are consuming a good amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This is not possible to do with intuitive eating itself.

How to make use of intuitive eating?

The steps for intuitive eating are quite simple:

  1. Eat when you are hungry.
  2. Stop when you are full.
  3. Don’t restrict the kind of foods that you eat.

Having said that, there are some additional things that you should consider before you start with intuitive eating.

Most people who start out have no idea about what kind of foods to eat, the number of calories the foods contain, and how much of the foods they should eat.

That is why it is much better to spend a month or two actually planning out your meals and tracking your calories.

This will then prepare you to understand the kind of foods that your body needs and you should be eating.

It will also help you feel more comfortable with the portion of food that you need to be eating.

Intuitive eating works best when you eat a majority of your food from healthy sources such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, grains, nuts, and seeds.

You can have a small portion of foods that are low in nutrients but keep the majority of your food clean if you want to see results with intuitive eating.

You should also keep the protein high in your meals when it comes to intuitive eating. This is because a high-protein diet will keep you full and satiated longer. This will help you in losing weight.


So as you can see intuitive eating can work for you if you are looking to get a lean body and maintain your weight. Especially if you are starting out fat or obese. The benefit is that you don’t need to worry about counting your calories and still can get in pretty good shape.

However, it is not for everyone especially those who are looking to dramatically change their body by losing fat, building muscle and getting an exceptional body.

If you have any questions on intuitive eating, please leave a comment below and I will try to help you as best as I can.

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