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HMR Program Weight Loss Diet

HMR Program Weight Loss Diet For Fast Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose weight with someone else coaching and making you accountable? Then you need to take a look at the HMR program weight loss diet.

HMR is basically a Health Management Resources program that focusses on reducing your calories by using meal replacement options along with intake of fruits and vegetables. It also helps you learn to follow a healthy lifestyle along with adding physical activity and making you accountable.

Rated as #2 weight loss diet 0f 2016 by the U.S News & World Report, the intention of this diet is to start you on your weight loss journey with significant weight loss at the start, followed by teaching you how to lead a healthy lifestyle so you can maintain that weight loss or weight in the future.

With this post, I hope to provide you sufficient knowledge about the HMR program weight loss diet so you can make a decision on whether it’s something you should try out for achieving your weight loss goals.

What is the HMR Program weight loss diet?

According to experts, people tend to lose three times the weight than they normally would if they replace the food that they eat with meal replacements. These include low-calorie shakes, nutrition bars, multigrain hot cereal, etc.

In addition, you are expected to eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are low in calories so that you can avoid high-calorie foods.

Exercise is also a part of this program so that you can maintain your weight loss over the long term by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Check out the below video for the HMR Program weight loss diet.

The HMR Program weight loss diet is divided into two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1

This phase is also known as the quick weight loss phase since the aim is to lose as much weight as quickly as possible.

In this phase, as part of the quick start kit, you will be provided with three weeks worth of meal replacements from HMR. In addition, you also need to stock up on fruits and vegetables as needed by the program.

You also get to learn about the healthy lifestyle strategies that you will later need to incorporate into your life. to continue your weight loss or weight maintenance.

You also get automatic home deliveries of the food every two weeks so that you don’t run out of the HMR food and drop out of your weight loss regime.

This phase 1 will continue till you have lost the weight as per your plan or you are ready to move into the next phase.

The time in phase 1 will depend on how much weight you intend to lose. On average you will lose around 1 to 2 pounds per week which is a healthy range to lose weight for regular people.

Diet under Phase 1

Under the Phase 1 of the HMR Program, you will be following the “3-2-5” diet. This means each day you will consume 3 HMR meal replacements, 2 HMR entrees, and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. The serving size is 1 cup.

If you feel hungry even after eating the above, then you are free to eat some more of these low-calorie foods.

The idea behind this diet is to keep the readily provided HMR foods available at home, office, trip, etc. so that you always have these low-calorie foods accessible and don’t feel the urge to eat junk food.

During Phase 1, the program encourages you to avoid visiting restaurants and coffee shops. It also recommends avoiding social events where food is involved.

You will track what you eat each week in weekly reports.

Exercise under Phase 1

Phase 1 also introduces you to start adding exercises to your daily life. This includes adding moderate intensity exercises such as walking, running, swimming, etc. You can perform the exercise in one go or spread it out throughout the day.

The idea of the program is that you should burn around 2000 calories per week. And you will be tracking the amount of exercise you perform in a weekly report.

Phase 2

In phase 2, you will continue the weight loss you started in phase 1 or start to maintain your weight. This is depending upon your needs.

You will continue to receive the HMR meal replacements every month. In addition, you will be taught how to start looking at other healthy food options and living a healthy lifestyle.

You also get weekly calls from dieticians and exercise physiologists who will encourage, support and make you accountable for your weight loss and lifestyle transformation.

Diet under Phase 2

Under Phase 2, you will continue to eat similar foods to phase 1. However, you will reduce the amount of HMR foods that you consume while keeping the amount of fruits and vegetables that you consume the same.

So you will consume around 14 HMR meals and 35 servings of fruits and vegetables per week.

For the rest of the meals, the program will teach you to prepare your own meals that are low in calories and nutritious.

The idea is to teach you the skills you require to make your weight loss and maintenance sustainable for the long-term.

You will learn to use lean proteins such as fish, chicken breasts, lean meats, and grains such as rice, pasta, and oatmeal. You will also learn now to use low-calorie preparation methods such as grilling, baking, and broiling.

Exercise under Phase 2

The exercise under Phase 2 is the same as under Phase 1. You will continue to perform the moderate intensity exercises that you can perform in one go or spread them out throughout the day.

What are the benefits of the HMR Program weight loss diet?


As part of Phase 1 and Phase 2, you will get all the HMR meal replacements and entrees delivered to your doorstep.This is very convenient as you will have all the healthy foods at home and will avoid eating unhealthy food at home. Of course, you need to visit the grocery stores to buy the recommended quantities of fruits and vegetables.


The HMR program comes with a recipes booklet that contains lots of recipes for shakes, floats, hot drinks, and hot cereal. It also contains ways on how you can add vegetables to soup recipes such as the HMR 500 chicken soup. There are also recipes for entrees based on the HMR program.

You can find hundreds of recipes on the HMR website at


In addition to the HMR meal replacements that will be delivered to your home, the HMR program also provides you support and motivation.

This is done by providing free weekly group coaching by phone. If you register on their website, you can also get tips and techniques, and can also connect to other members in the community section.


With the HMR program, you get to consume 6 meals and snacks throughout the day. In addition, if you are still feeling hungry, then you can consume more of those meals as required. This means that you will always be full and satiated.

This is one of the key factors when it comes to weight loss as many people tend to overeat on snacks and junk food when they start feeling hungry.


I hope this post has provided you with sufficient information about the HMR Program weight loss diet.

The HMR Program is something you should consider if you are looking for a weight loss program that will assist you with the meals, exercises, and holds you accountable.

You can get more information about the HMR Program on their website.

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