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What Are Some Gym Accessories You May Find Useful As A Beginner?

Are you a beginner who has just joined or wanting to join a gym? Then you will find this list of gym accessories useful for your daily workout needs.

When I started going to the gym, I did not know what things I needed for the gym.

I started with some basic clothes that I felt were comfortable. This included cotton T-shirts and sweat pants. Little did I know that those are probably one of the worst things to wear at the gym.

I used the same sports shoes that I would wear while traveling not knowing how important shoes are especially when it comes to lifting heavy weights and training hard with heavy compound movements like squats and deadlifts.

And I definitely did not know about using gym accessories that would help me save time and effort both in and out of the gym as well as provide me sufficient motivation to hit the gym hard every day.

It’s been a few months and now I am a bit wiser when it comes to these gym accessories and I am sure you will find this information useful as a beginner so you don’t have to make the mistakes I made.

So, let’s look at some of the gym accessories that can help you as a beginner.

Gym bag

One of the essential accessories that you must have is a gym bag.

This will be used to store everything that you need at the gym such as your clothes, shoes, water, protein shakes, journal, toiletries, etc.

Most commercial gyms require that you store your stuff in lockers and a gym bag will help you carry those things around with you from home to the gym.

Make sure you buy a gym bag that is of good quality, has enough pockets to hold all your stuff, and is comfortable for you to carry.

Certain gyms also require that you bring your own lock for the locker so make sure to remember buying one.


Whether you are going to shower at the gym after the workout or go back home, you need to keep certain toiletries in your gym bag.

This can include a deodorant, soap/shampoo for the shower, a comb, etc.

Also, keep a towel in your gym bag because you will be sweating during your workout and you always want to clean your sweat from the equipment after your use.

Water bottle

It is important to keep yourself hydrated to perform optimally at the gym.

So, always keep your water bottle handy with you. Keep sipping water as you work out whether is is cardio or strength-training.

Shaker bottle

If you like to carry your protein powder and have it immediately after the gym workout then you will need a good shaker bottle.

I find the Smart Shaker useful because I can carry up to three portions of protein powder and also pills like multivitamins and Omega-3 in it.

MP3 Player

If you don’t like the music playing in commercial gyms, you can always get a good MP3 player and carry your own music.

You could even use your iPhone or Android phone if you wish to do so. Just be careful with the phone and make sure you are using it just to play music, take notes, time yourself, etc. and do not waste time on social media.

You can also invest in a good arm or waist phone holder that will hold your phone securely while you workout.


Together with the MP3 Player or mobile phone that you use to play music, consider investing in a good headphone or earphones.

Personally, I use the gym earphones because they are durable and do not break easily in case they get tangled with some gym equipment.

They also are over the ear so they do not fall off easily and another good thing is that they are sweat proof so I don’t have to worry about them getting spoiled by moisture.

Fitness journal

One of the best investments I made as a beginner was to get myself a journal. It was a simple book in which I would record my workout activities. I would also record my weight measurements every day and an average every week.

I keep this journal to this day and continue using it to track my performance at the gym.

It is always useful to keep track of your progress when you workout at the gym. It provides you with the motivation as well as helps you track whether you need to make any changes.

You could also use an app on your phone to do the same but I find it best to keep a physical copy that I write into.

Kitchen scale

Now you won’t be needing this at the gym but you will definitely need a good kitchen scale at home especially when you are tracking your calories to lose fat.

A good kitchen scale will have the feature to be able to track the food in grams or ounces so that you can accurately measure the amount of food and calories you are eating.

Body fat caliper

Another instrument that you may find useful is a simple body fat caliper that you can use to measure the amount of body fat you possess.

It is a great tool to measure the progress you make when it comes to building muscle and losing fat as it can tell you the body fat to a quite precise level.

Bathroom scale

Another essential piece of equipment is the bathroom scale that will help you check your weight every day.

When you are looking to lose body fat, it can help you track your progress as you measure your weight each day and then take an average at the end of the week.

Lifting belt

A lifting belt can help provide you with the added support for your back and abdominals when you are trying to lift heavy weights.

This can protect your lower back from injuries when trying to lift very heavy.

Having said that, a lifting belt can also impede your performance because it takes away the pressure that your abdominal has to face when lifting heavy.

So, basically, you are not allowing your abdominal to get trained as efficiently as possible.

Personally, I am a beginner and I don’t see any need to wear a lifting belt. The weight that I am lifting is novice level and there is not much risk of injuring myself.

So, my opinion is to use a lifting belt if you feel comfortable with it but I don’t see it as something necessary especially at the beginning stages of your weight lifting journey.

Lifting straps

Lifting straps are made of leather, canvas, or nylon and are accessories that you wrap around your wrist and the weight you are going to lift.

The purpose of lifting straps is to help you grip the weight so that it does not slip when you are lifting heavy weights.

They can be useful if your grip strength is weak and you need to perform heavy weight exercises such as deadlifts, rows, etc.

This is because they take the grip out of the equation and make you focus on the exercise and the specific muscle that is targetted by the exercise.

Having said that, frequent use of lifting straps will prevent your grip strength from improving. So, most of the time do not use lifting straps but keep lifting weights without them so your grip strength improves.

Occasionally, you could use lifting straps when you want to focus on how to perform an exercise and focus on targeting and feeling that you are hitting a specific muscle as expected by the exercise.


I hope this post has helped you know more about the gym accessories that you may find useful as a beginner when you hit the gym.

If you have any questions or would like to get more information about these or other accessories, please let me know in the comments.

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