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Why You Need Good Form To Build Muscle

Do you use good form when you workout at the gym? If not then you are risking not just your muscle growth but also injury and damage to your joints.

You must have heard it from fitness experts, your gym friends, other people at the gym, and also fitness magazines.

Having good form is one of the important steps when it comes to lifting heavy weights to build muscle.

But many times, even though we are aware that need to be using good form, we don’t. Even I have been guilty of this.

This problem occurs with a lot of people who work hard at the gym but somehow having good form seems to get a lower priority.

What is good form?

When you are lifting heavy, you need to make use of good form so that you can achieve the following:

Make use of the right movement patterns

By making use of the right workout movement patterns with lighter weights you will be able to achieve good form. So later on when you move to heavier weights, you will continue to use the correct movement patterns.

Train the correct muscle groups

When you make use of good form, you will be able to focus on the muscles that you want to target. For example, with proper form your bench press will target your chest rather than your triceps and shoulders.

Safety from injury

When you workout with good form, you avoid misuse of your joints and muscles so it can help you avoid injury.

Why do we forget to make use of good form?

Many guys learn to lift at the gym as they start working out with their friends.

They just start following what their friends are doing as they start seeing them lift heavy weights.

So they too start lifting as heavy as they can and get the satisfaction of feeling the soreness after working out.

Some of them start going to the gym regularly as they enjoy working out and start making use of some workout routines.

They start lifting heavier and heavier weights as they start to attempt progressive overload.

But, unfortunately, as they start lifting heavier weights, their ego starts getting bigger as well.

As one sees people lifting heavier weights than what they can, they start to attempt lifting heavier as well.

But, as they keep lifting heavier, they start compromising on good form.

As they bench press heavy weight, they may not use the full range of motion and touch their chest when coming down.

As they start squatting, their knees may buckle or they may not squat low enough to make the exercise worth it.

And when using bicep curls they may be jerking the weight up and putting their back into it.

This is how a lot of people end up having bad form and these habits stick for years to come until some injury hits and puts them out of the gym.

Why you should make good form your priority

Having good form as you lift heavy weights will help you both in the short and long run as we can see below.

Good form will help you avoid injury

If you keep lifting heavy weights with bad form, then you will not be able to workout for many years.

If you have bad form, especially on heavy, compound movements such as squats, bench press, deadlift, etc. there is a high risk that you will suffer an injury.

For example, if you perform squats with poor form, you will put all of the stress on your knees rather than correctly distributing the weight on your back, hamstrings, and quads.

Similarly, if you perform the bench press with bad form where you have jerky movements and don’t use the full range of motion, chances are that you are going to damage your elbows in the long run.

And with the deadlift, if you use bad form, there is a high risk to injury your lower back as it bears the brunt of all that heavy weight.

So, make use of good form, and you will be able to avoid all these types of injuries. This will help you workout consistently over the long run and build some good muscle.

Good form will help you get better results

Maybe you are not worried about damaging your knees over lifting heavy weights.

But you should know that lifting with good form will help you get more out of each of your workouts.

When you use good form, you will be able to lift heavier weights and progress better over the long term. This means your bench press, deadlifts, squats, etc. will improve significantly over the long run.

And as you are using good form, you will target your muscles better. This means that with each exercise you perform, you will get better growth of your muscles. Your bench press will help your chest grow bigger, your squats will help your legs get bigger, etc. than if you use poor form.

So, if you want to get bigger and stronger, then it will be to your advantage to use good form with all of your exercises.

Good form will help you measure your progress

The only way you will make progress and build lots of muscle is by making use of progressive overload.

To do that, you either need to increase your sets or reps or both when you perform the exercises.

If you have bad form, then you might not be hitting your squats correctly and performing half squats. Or you might not be using the full range of motion on your bench press.

This causes a problem because you will not be able to measure whether the next time you perform the squat or bench press whether you have progressed or not.

Good form will help you to be more consistent with your exercises, the weights you lift with your exercises, the reps and sets that you perform.

So it will be easy for you to track your progress and know whether you are making progress or whether you need to change something up.


To conclude, good form will help you with the correct movement patterns, train the expected muscle groups, and help protect you from injury.

And when you are injury free, you will be able to exercise consistently for a longer period of time and maximize how much muscle you grow.

Good form will also help you get the most of each exercise as it will help you focus on the muscles that you want to grow.

And finally, good form will help you track your progress better in the gym and progression is the key to building lots of muscle over the long run.

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