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How To Stop Food Cravings When You Are On A Diet

Do you feel extremely hungry when you go on a diet? Are you having food cravings when you are trying to lose some body fat?

You decide to go on a diet to get rid of all that excess body fat so you can show off your muscles.

So, you are motivated and start restricting your calories every day.

You feel fine for a few days as you are making progress and losing fat.

But soon you start getting those nasty food cravings where you start feeling hunger for your favorite foods.

You know you cannot eat them but that slice of pizza and that tub of ice cream in the fridge keeps getting more tempting.

And then you either end up binging on those foods and then feeling guilty about blowing your diet.

Or you resist the temptation but still end up feeling miserable and wondering whether the dieting is worth the price.

To help you avoid this situation and make the best out of your diet without suffering, let’s take a look at some of the tips that can help you avoid those food cravings.

How to reduce your hunger to avoid food cravings

You may think that when you are on a diet, you need to be hungry all the time.

Since you are in a calorie deficit, you are consuming less food than your body requires and that is helping you lose the body fat.

But at the same time, since you are eating less food, you should be hungry, right?

If your diet plan is good, then you should not be feeling hunger and food cravings all the time.

Your diet should be such that it will keep you satiated most of the time. And the times when you feel hungry should be very few.

And the hunger should not be the “I could eat an entire house” type of hunger but rather just an “Oh! I feel like I should have a light snack” type.

So, here are some tips that can help you reduce your hunger and help you avoid the food cravings as you are trying to lose weight.

Eat sufficient calories

The biggest mistake that most people do when trying to lose weight is to drop their calories too much.

For example, someone who has a calorie maintenance level of 2000 calories may drop their intake to 1000 calories.

That is a drastic drop in calories and while you will start losing body fat you will also lose a lot of muscle in the process and we don’t want that.

In addition, you will start feeling intense food cravings because you are starving your body too much.

Instead, you should be eating sufficient calories where you are not in too big a calorie deficit so that you are still losing body fat but at the same time not feeling hungry.

Something like a 500 calorie deficit is good because you will be able to lose about 1 pound of fat every week without feeling hungry or starving yourself.

In case, you stop losing body fat, you can drop your calories a little more and you should start seeing results again.

On the other hand, if you start feeling too hungry, you can up your calories a little bit and your food cravings should start getting better.

Eat more protein

A high-protein diet will not only help you to build muscle but it will also help to keep your stomach full longer.

Studies show that protein can help to increase your satiety so that you are consuming fewer calories and won’t suffer from food cravings soon.

Also, protein-rich foods take longer to digest and require more energy for their utilization. This means that digesting protein will help you burn more calories than digesting carbs or fats.

So, you should aim to consume about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight when you are on a diet and want to avoid food cravings.

Eat more fiber

Adding more fiber to your diet will help you keep your stomach full longer as well.

This is because fiber-rich foods take longer to digest.

Foods such as whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, oats, etc. are high in fiber and nutrients.

If you are on a diet where you are unable to eat too many carbs, you can use vegetables instead as they also contain a lot of fiber but are quite low in calories.

Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Try to get at least 25 grams of fiber per day and more if you possibly can.

Drink lots of water

Another simple way to avoid food cravings is to drink lots of water throughout the day.

Not only is water good for your body but it will also help you feel full and satiated.

The best way is to drink a few glasses of water before your meals so that when you are actually having your meals you will not be too hungry and avoid overeating.

Make use of cheat meals

We are just human and it is completely normal to crave foods that we enjoy.

The problem is that if we keep depriving ourselves of such foods then the craving keeps building up and eventually we can no longer avoid it.

The best way to avoid food cravings due to this situation is to occasionally eat such foods that you enjoy.

You can do this with the help of a cheat meal that you can have once per week.

Or you can even make them a calculated part of your macronutrients by making use of flexible dieting.

But it is important that you do not go overboard with such foods that are high in calories and just have one meal each week.

Once you do this, since you no longer are restricting your favorite foods, you will no longer feel the intense food cravings for such foods.

Avoid giving into your food cravings

We know that dieting is simple but not an easy concept for most people.

That is the reason why a lot of people end up being obese because they cannot restrict foods that they enjoy and are eating them constantly.

But when you get such food cravings, and you will, you need to just observe them and let them go.

You need to have the determination that the diet you are following for some specific goal is far more important than that piece of cheesecake that you are craving so much.

Once you are able to observe such cravings closely and let them go, you will start getting better in avoiding them completely.


I hope you now know the techniques that you can use to stop food cravings when you are on a diet.

The best way to go about on a diet is to make use of something like flexible dieting where you are eating a sufficient number of calories with plenty of proteins, fiber, healthy fats, and carbs.

In addition, drink lots of water to keep yourself full. You can also eat a cheat meal or make use of flexible dieting to fit some of your favorite foods in your daily or weekly meals as long as you are following your diet.

And in the end, it is your motivation or the reason you are on a diet that you compel you to avoid the food cravings when you get them.

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