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Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal That You Should Have?

Should you consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day? Would it benefit you to eat breakfast every day or is it better to skip breakfast?

If you ask most people whether it is your family, friends, or even the random person on the street whether you can skip breakfast and they would be surprised.

They will probably tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day that can give you a boost in energy as you start your day.

So, according to them, skipping breakfast will make you feel tired and lethargic and you will not focus throughout the day.

But is this really true? Is breakfast that important a meal that you cannot risk not having it?

Let us have a look at some pros and cons of having breakfast every day as the first meal when you wake up.

Why do people consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day?

People consider breakfast as the most important meal because it is supposed to give you a boost of energy to start your day. Some also believe that having breakfast can even help you lose weight.

Weight management

Many people believe that having breakfast can help you maintain and even lose weight.

The idea is that when you have breakfast it can increase your metabolism so that you are burning more calories throughout the day.

Also, when you have breakfast, you will be full and so will not eat as much food throughout the day.

Energy boost

Eating breakfast is supposed to give you an energy boost that will help you get through the day.

People feel that if you do not have a good, nutritious breakfast then you feel tired and not be able to focus until you have your lunch.

Health benefits

Eating breakfast is said to provide you some health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It is also supposed to be good for your heart to have a healthy breakfast.


Some people make use of breakfast as a routine to help them wake up and get out of bed.

They enjoy the smell of coffee and breakfast in the morning where they can grab a newspaper and get them ready for the day ahead.

Why some people don’t consider breakfast as an important meal of the day?

There are some people who do not consider breakfast as important and skip it entirely to have just two meals a day.

They claim the following benefits of doing this.

Weight loss

Proponents of skipping breakfast claim that since they are consuming just two meals a day, they tend to avoid the calories from breakfast and just get calories from two meals a day.

This could result in consuming around 500 calories fewer than when they would have had breakfast and this results in weight loss.

They also claim that skipping breakfast lowers the blood sugar that can cause the body to go into a fat burning stage.

They also tend to claim that eating breakfast causes an increase in their appetite where they consume more calories during the day. So, if they skip breakfast they tend to eat fewer calories.

Increased energy

It has been shown that fasting helps to improve the focus and concentration and that can help one get through the day.

If one skips breakfast then the body continues in the fasted state that it was in when it went to sleep the day before.

So one can get the benefits of increased energy and focus when one tends to skip eating breakfast.

Improved health benefits

Many of the health benefits that we saw due to eating breakfast also tend to apply when one skips breakfast.

When your body is fasting, it tends to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as improve the health of your heart.

Helps save time

Proponents of skipping breakfast claim that since they do not have to worry about what food they need to eat in the morning, they can get a lot of time to perform other activities.

They only need to worry about food when it comes to eating lunch.

This can help them feel liberated and make the most of their available morning hours with some productive work.

What you should know about breakfast based on studies conducted

What we have seen above is what people generally feel about breakfast. It is nothing more than their opinion.

So, let us have a look at breakfast from a view of what studies suggest.

Studies such as this one do show that people who skipped breakfast had the tendency to gain weight.

However, the study shows that the subjects who were considered for such a study had irregular eating habits and would eat anything such as candy or soda as they preferred.

So, here there is no evidence that skipping breakfast will make you fat. Rather, it is the people who are irregular in their eating habits who will consume more calories over the day and tend to get fat.

And as you get fat it will also cause a problem with your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

However, many companies with vested interests in their breakfast products will project such studies in their ads and try to show that it is skipping breakfast that will make you fat which is not the case.

Another factor mentioned about breakfast is that it will boost your energy for the day.

The reason stated is that since insulin sensitivity is the highest after a fast when you have breakfast it will regulate your insulin levels in the body and that will give you an energy boost.

But the fact is that insulin sensitivity is high in any period of fast regardless of what time of the day.

This means that if you break your fast in the morning by having breakfast or if you break you fast in the afternoon with lunch, it is the same thing when it comes to insulin sensitivity.

So should you have breakfast or not?

Whether you should have breakfast or not is a personal decision. As you can see, research shows that it does not matter whether you have breakfast or not.

You can base your decision on the following factors:

How hungry you feel

Some people feel quite hungry when they wake up and cannot keep themselves without food til lunchtime.

For such, it is better that they have breakfast as it will help keep their hunger levels down.

For others who can manage til lunchtime without feeling hungry, breakfast is not required.

How many calories you require

When you are in a cutting phase where you are using a calorie deficit to lose fat, it can be better to eat two large meals a day rather than three.

In this case, you can skip breakfast so that you can have two larger meals of lunch and dinner and feel satiated rather than having three smaller meals with breakfast, lunch, and dinner and feeling unsatisfied.

It will also help you restrict your calories within two larger meals which can be easier. For example, if you need to consume 2000 calories in a day, you can eat lunch and dinner each with 1000 calories and skip breakfast.

The opposite can be said in the case of a bulk where you need to be in a calorie surplus. In that case, you can add breakfast as part of your meals because it will make it easier to eat the extra calories that you require as part of your bulk.

How big meals do you prefer

Some people prefer to have big meals to feel satiated while others feel that the cannot eat too much food in one meal.

So, for people who cannot eat too much food in one sitting, breakfast can be a good tool so that they can distribute their food throughout the day.

They can eat 4 to 5 small meals per day and breakfast can be one of them.

For others who like to enjoy large meals, it can be beneficial to skip breakfast and just eat two large meals per day.

If you need a pre-workout meal

If you go to the gym in the morning and workout intensely then it is useful to have a pre-workout meal before.

Breakfast can be used as part of the pre-workout meal so that you get the required amount of energy to perform at your best in the gym.


So, as you can see there is no study to claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It is just the opinion of people who claim that you should be eating breakfast.

Rather, it is your personal choice whether you want to eat breakfast or not based on whether you feel hungry in the morning if you want to distribute your calories throughout the day, and want to make use of smaller meals.

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