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How To Lose Weight With Body Weight Workout For Beginners

Are you a beginner looking to lose weight with some body weight workout exercises? Then you will find this 10’s beginner body weight workout very useful.

When I was a beginner, I found the gym an intimidating place. I just could not find the courage to join the gym. The fear of embarrassing myself in front of other people was too much.

What if I was performing the exercises incorrectly? Or what if I dropped some weights on the floor? What would the “veterans” at the gym think about a beginner?

Questions like these ran through my head and I kept postponing going to the gym.

Luckily, I found out about body weight exercises that I could perform from the comfort of my home. And they definitely helped me build some muscle and lose fat.

I am sure body weight exercises can help you as a beginner. With the exercises and workout that I show below, you should be able to lose weight and build some muscle.

What are body weight exercises?

Simply put, body weight exercises are those that you perform using your body for the resistance instead of using free weights.

Maybe you have already heard of some of the body weight exercises such as pushups, pullups, squats, planks, etc.

Many of these exercises will help you in your daily activities as they will provide functional strength to your body.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of body weight exercises?


  1. Body weight exercises are best suited for people who want to start their fitness journey but don’t have access to a gym or expensive exercise equipment. The only things that you will need for most exercises are your body and maybe a pull-up bar (a tree branch will also do fine).
  2. Body weight exercises can be performed by anyone regardless of age. So many of the exercises can be performed by young and old alike (of course, after consulting your doctor).
  3. Once your body adapts to the basic exercises, you can apply progression to them. For example, you could add weights to the exercise such as adding weights to your pull-ups. Or you could change the angle on some of the exercises such as pushups to make them more challenging.
  4. Body weight exercises are relatively safer than free weight exercises because of the relatively lesser strain placed on the muscles.
  5. Body weight exercises involve use of a lot of muscles together rather than in isolation. This helps to improve the overall health of the body.


  1. Body weight exercises are good for beginners who have never trained before and lack the basics of strength. However, if one is advanced in strength training then body weight exercises will not provide the level of intensity that is required.
  2. Like with any other exercise, body weight exercises require progression as well, if one is to continue getting stronger. One way to achieve this progression is by adding weights to the workouts. But this means that you will have to buy some equipment that may increase your expenses.

Examples of some body weight exercises

There are hundreds of body weight exercises, workouts, and variations that you can find in books, on the Internet, and at the gym.

Here are some of the best body weight exercises that you can perform.


Squats are one of the best body weight exercise for your lower body. This exercise helps you to build your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

It also helps to strengthen your core as you need to balance your body making use of your abdominal and back muscles.


Push-ups are arguably the best upper body exercise when it comes to body weight exercises. They help to work the chest, shoulders, arms, back, and even the core.

There are several variations available to target specific parts of the upper body but the standard push-up is what you should be aiming for as a beginner.

If you don’t have the strength to do the standard push-up then you can use your knees as shown in the video. As you progress and gain strength, you can slowly graduate to stop using your knees.


Planks are one of the best exercises to strengthen your core.

Again, if you don’t have the strength then you can start on your knees. Once you progress, you can stop using your knees.

Planks can be really tough to maintain for long periods of time. So start slowly for a few seconds. And each time you workout, try to increase holding the plank for a few more seconds.


Burpees are one of the best body weight exercises because they are a full-body workout. This means that they work out both the upper body and the lower body at the same time. They also workout your core muscles.

In addition, burpees combine both cardio and strength training together so you get two for the price of one. Such exercises are a great addition to your workout routine if you are looking to lose weight and build muscle.


A pull-up is a great body weight exercise to strengthen your back muscles. This includes muscles such as lats, traps, upper and lower back.

There are variations of pull-ups based on the way you place your palms facing towards you or away from you.

Pull-ups can be challenging for beginners as you require to pull your entire body weight. However, you can use variations such as chair pull-ups till you can gain the strength to perform the standard pull-up.

How you can lose weight and gain muscle with a body weight workout

Losing fat with a body weight workout

High-intensity interval training is great for burning fat due to aerobic activity and boosting your metabolism.

And as a beginner, body weight exercises can help you perform high-intensity interval training when you make use of  a combination of compound movements such as squats, pull-ups, push-ups, etc.

The basic idea is to perform the body weight exercises with intensity in a short period of time to maximize the use of the large muscle groups of the body.

This will cause your heart rate to increase to the fat burning levels and help you in losing fat.

Building muscle with a body weight workout

The basics of building muscle are to place your muscles under load as you contract and expand your muscles.

Other factors involved are the time under tension, the volume of your workouts, and intensity of your workouts, and the nutrition.

Now as a beginner, you should be able to achieve all of the above using just body weight exercises (and nutrition of course).

As you perform the body weight exercises, you will start gaining strength. And as you start gaining strength, the size of your muscles will increase as well.

However, be wary, as I have already mentioned, that as you keep gaining strength, the standard body weight exercises will tend to get easier and easier.

So you will need to either add some weights when performing the exercise or try to find some variations that make the exercise more difficult. This is what it will take to achieve progressive overload so your muscles can keep growing.

How to perform the 10’s body weight workout program

Now I will show you a simple body weight workout that you can perform as a beginner.

This body weight workout is called as the 10’s body weight workout. Below is a video that shows you exactly how you can start performing this workout.

As the name implies, you need to perform 10 repetitions of each of these exercises.

Below are the exercises that you need to do as part of this workout. Remember to do these in the order they are mentioned.

  • 10 pushups
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 alternating lunges
  • 10 crunches

Once you have done all of the above exercises that is known as one interval or circuit.

Now if you are carrying a little extra weight then you might be feeling pretty exhausted at the end of one interval.

As you keep doing these exercises, you will start to lose fat and gain muscle and these exercises will start getting easier.

You can then increase the number of intervals that you perform. So after a few days you could perform two or three intervals with all of these four exercises.


I hope I have been able to provide you with information about body weight exercises as well as a body weight workout that you can start with as a beginner.

This 10’s body weight workout should help you start gaining muscle and losing fat as you start your fitness journey.

If you have any questions or feedback about the above information, do let me know so I can try and help you in any way that is possible. You can reach out to me on any social media platform or just comment on this post.

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