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Do You Need Muscle Confusion To Grow Muscle Faster?

Do you think you need to use muscle confusion to grow bigger muscles? How often have you heard this from fitness experts? You might have even heard people talking about muscle confusion in your gym. You

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Is It Possible To Just Burn Belly Fat?

Are you looking to burn belly fat and get those great six pack abs? Do you think it is possible to target body fat from your stomach area? Everyone wants to lose those extra pounds from their waist and

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10 Healthy Foods You Should Eat In Moderation To Lose Fat

Do you think eating healthy foods will make you lose fat? Think again because some of those healthy foods might actually be making you fat. When it comes to losing fat, many people think that they need

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Should You Be Lifting Weights While Sick?

So you are feeling a bit under the weather and your body seems to be telling you to just keep sleeping. But should you ignore that, go to the gym and be lifting weights while sick? I’m just recovering

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What Is A Workout Log And Why Do You Need One?

Are you finding it hard to know whether you are making progress in the gym? Do you forget the reps and sets you had performed in your previous workout? Then what you need is a workout log. You may have

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How To Know If You Are Overtraining And How Can You Recover?

Are you hitting the gym and not seeing results? Do you feel tired, demotivated to workout, and joint pain? Then you might be suffering from overtraining.Table of ContentsWhat is overtraining?How can

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