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How To Build A Jaw-Dropping Body Even If You Are Busy As Hell

Do you think about it? The amazing feeling of walking on a beach shirtless. Showing off your six-pack abs, big biceps, and broad shoulders. You want to work out. You want to eat healthily. And you want

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12 Things About Fitness I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

1o years ago I did not have an Internet connection (can you imagine that!). The only entertainment we had was watching movies on TV. One lazy day I turned on the TV to see what movie was playing and it

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How To Stop Food Cravings When You Are On A Diet

Do you feel extremely hungry when you go on a diet? Are you having food cravings when you are trying to lose some body fat? You decide to go on a diet to get rid of all that excess body fat so you can

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Can You Use Push Ups To Build Muscle?

Push ups can be considered one of the best body weight exercises when it comes to building muscle and we will see exactly why. The first time I had done a push up was when I was a kid and watched a Jackie

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What You Need To Know About Overestimating Calories

The major factor when it comes to losing fat is a calorie deficit but a lot of people end up overestimating calories that they consume. We know the basic idea of a calorie deficit is that you need to consume

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Should You Use Barbell Or Dumbbells To Build Muscle?

Do you think barbells will help you build more muscle or do you think dumbbells will do the job better? I hope this post can help you get some answers to this question. Free weights are the best tools

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